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About Quilling

Quilling is a simple art form, as I believe many art forms are!!  When you have mastered the basic’s you can accomplish almost anything.

Quilling paper comes in various colors and widths (1/16”, 1/8”, and 1/4”).  The quilling tool is held in your right hand and the quilling paper is placed between your left thumb and first finger.  You roll the paper onto the tool…working left to right.  Your fingers do all the work.  You DO NOT ROTATE the quilling  tool.   The most difficult part of quilling is learning to roll the paper onto the quilling tool.  While we are talking about quilling tools…I recommend the one pictured in the  photo below not a tool with a slit in it.  It crimps the edge of the paper and is extremely noticeable on your finished quilled project.  To roll quilling paper…this is accomplished with practice…it is all about tension.   If you are doing a tight roll you glue the strip of paper while it is still on the quilling tool and loose rolls are placed on your working area and glued later.  The various designs of a loose roll are shown below.


How Quilling is Done

 Most quilling is done with 1/8” quilling paper.  I use 1/16” quilling paper for hair and beards, choosing loose rolls to accomplish the look I want. ¼” quilling paper is used for most bodies or arms of the tree ornaments and scenes that I design.  I use a small dowel to roll the ¼” quilling paper in this case thus giving me a more stable space to glue on the quilled head that I have rolled.  

Where do my designs come from?  Some from seeing pictures, requests from customers, everyday things that I am surrounded with or just plain imagination!!  I usually have a visual of what I want to create and sometimes it takes me a month or so to figure out how to bring this idea to life through the use of paper!  You can create almost anything using paper…it is stronger than most people realize!!

All finished quilled designs are sprayed with a crystal clear acrylic coating for your continued enjoyment of your quilling purchase.  



Tools that help me be creative in the art of Quilling!  

  • Quilling Tool - brown handle
  • Small Scissor
  • Tweezers for placing items on tree ornaments, scenes , and plaques
  • Small Dowel for rolling 1/4" Quilling paper into bodies 

Background is 1/4" Quilling Paper in red, yellow and purple...I braided  the paper to give it a little twist!